Use Essential Oils to Elevate Your Yoga Practice

Aromatherapy and yoga are both ancient healing practices focused on physical, mental, and spiritual health. They have developed in close connection for thousand years and historically have been used in tandem to support the body, clear the mind, and lift the spirit.

There are lots of ways you can start using essential oils to support your practice. There are 3 ways you can begin reaping the benefits of aromatherapy in your yoga practice:

1. Add essential oils into your yoga practice

2. Make your aromatherapy yoga blend

3. Use essential oils to clean your yoga gear and your yoga space.

How to Add Essential Oils Into Your Yoga Practice

You can use oils aromatically before, during, or after your practice as follows:

1. Put a few drops in a diffuser. Diffusers use water and are effective at dispersing the oil into the air in a fine mist.

2. Place a drop on porous jewelry (lava beads, air-drying clay, or terra-cotta clay.)

3. Before or after your practice, add 1 to 2 drops to your palms, rub together, and cup your hands over your nose. Inhale deeply.

Depending on the oils you choose, you can set the right mood to help your mind and body relax, or they can help you focus on your breath during your practice. 

You can even select oils based on your current state or the one you would rather be in. If you want to enhance the mood, you would like to be in, and you can find oils to support that goal. You can take control by making your own essential oil blends. 

How to Make Aromatic Essential Oil Blends

Aromatic blending for the sheer pleasure of the aroma is a combination of creativity and science. When using a blend created primarily for its fragrance, therapeutic benefits can also occur.

Essential Oil Blending Basics

Essential oils can be categorized into broad groups based on their aromas. An example categorical system is as follows:

Examples: Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Jasmine

Examples: Sandalwood, Cedarwood

Examples: Vetiver, Patchouli

Examples: Marjoram, Thyme, Rosemary

Examples: Peppermint, Spearmint

Examples: Eucalyptus, Tea Tree

Examples: Nutmeg, Clove, Cinnamon

Examples: Orange, Lemon, Lime

When blending fragrance, you can get our popular Essential Oil Printables to get inspiration. These charts will help you create fantastic blends using the rules of perfumery,  while making sure how you can use your essential oils safely. 

This 1-page printable chart is perfect for essential oil users as it shows the families used in perfumery by aromatherapists, depending on their botanical origin.

This 1-page printable is on the best practices for essential oils. To confidently use essential oils, there are several safety precautions you need to be aware. This guide is great as a quick and easy reference 

This 1-page printable chart is perfect for essential oil users as it covers the basic applications with recommendations to help you choose which oils you want to try in customizing your skin-care products.

You will be able to use the guide of the most common essential oils and their important information that needed to go for daily use

You must not ever want to apply the oils in places that come in contact with your mat. This can cause a slippery situation and may increase your chances of injury.

To avoid this, you can use a diffuser to disperse the aroma throughout your practice. Making your own room sprays is another great idea to disperse the scent. Or you can pat your essential oils on your skin or use a roll-on oil specifically designed for yoga; apply to places like your neck and chest instead of your wrists, hands, and feet. By placing the oils on these specific spots, they will be close enough to your nose that you can smell the oils throughout your practice without having to worry about leaving any slippery trails.

Get our essential oil blends sheet to help you create the right atmosphere to help relax your body, stimulate the mind, and create a deeper, more powerful experience.

Enhance your practice with essential oils for yoga. Create an atmosphere of relaxation, invigorate your body and mind, or clear stress and tension by trying out these essential oils blends

Make Your Own Yoga Mat Cleaner

Whether you practice yoga at home, at the studio, and maybe in your local park, you need your yoga mat and roll it out. Roll up your mat after your practice is a bad idea as you are rolling all of the germs, dirt, and grime and whatever is on the floor beneath you. Check out the article: What’s Living On Your Yoga Mat (prepare to be grossed out), will make you think twice of not cleaning your yoga mat after every use. 

If you do not clean your yoga mat after every use, you need to change that! You can purchase yoga mat cleaner sprays from many online or brick-and-mortar retailers, or you can make your own yoga mat cleaner at home with a few simple and inexpensive ingredients.


– 180ml distilled water
– 60ml white vinegar
– 3 drops lavender oil
– 3 drops tea tea oil
– 8-ounce glass spray bottle


1. Combine all ingredients in glass spray bottle.
2. Shake until combined
3. Store in a cool, dark place

To use: Spray yoga mat generously with your cleansing spray on each side after use, wipe down with a cloth or hang and allow to dry completely.

Note: Not all yoga mats are treated the same. Spray a test patch on a small part of your mat first (preferably on the bottom side) to make sure the cleanser doesn’t adversely affect it or leave a watermark) .

Great for A Make & Take Class

Knowing how to make your own essential oil blends to elevate your yoga practice, you can share with your yogi friends, family and neighbours. One of the best ways is you can run a make and take class or party!

Make some fun DIY projects, and show friends and neighbours how they can use essential oils to complement their lifestyle naturally.

If you feel planning and organizing is too much a chore, and searching, identifying recipes, shopping for supplies make you feel overwhelming, you can get a copy of our Yoga Make and Take Party Printable Pack, this printable pack makes having a Make & Take party a whole lot easier for you!

In this printable pack, you will find recipes for Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray, Awaken Room Spray, Breathe Rollerball, and Muscles Relaxing Massage Oil

The printable pack includes:- 

– Party Host Notes including invitation templates, timeline, and checklists

– Complete Shopping List

– Recipe Notes 

– Guest Recipe Cards 

– Printable Recipe Notes (for guests to bring home)

– Notes on Each Essential Oil (for guests to bring home)

– Printable Labels (to attach to finished products that attendees will bring home)

For purchase, once you placed order for the printable pack, you will automatically receive a download link.

You will need to save the file to your computer. You will need to print out some pages to use at your party, handout to your guests while others you can just reference. 

Lastly, there are some party supplies like special bottles and containers, carrier oils, and labels that you will need to order for everything to go off smoothly. A shopping list with Amazon links is included in the printable pack may contain affiliate link, meaning I get a little commission if you decide to make a purchase through my link, at no cost to you.

*Please read my disclosure for more information.

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