Emulsion Calculator (Excel & PDF)

Emulsion Calculator: This 1-excel file and 1-page printable emulsion calculator that quickly and easily allows the formulator to calculate the requirements for emulsion.

This calculator requires only the input of the ingredients and percentages and will save much precious time to calculations by hand. The calculator is made up of 3 parts. All ingredients are added to the phases by using the available drop-down menus. By entering the size of the batch, the weight of each ingredient for the formula will be calculated. Next, print out the page and the recipe is ready!

Water Phase: Enter all ingredients that go into the water phase. Since water percentage is automatically calculated, the total of the formula will always equal 100%.

Oil Phase: Enter all ingredients that would be included in this phase. Enter the percentage of each Ingredient, and both water and oil phases will be calculated.

Cool Down Phase: This phase is for antioxidants, fragrances, essential oils, and preservatives.

The Emulsion Calculator Excel Worksheet also provides a table on basic starter formulas for home-crafters for lotion, moisturizer and body butter for various skin types.

It comes the warning alert to give a good reference of your formula to ensure each category of the ingredients is within the recommended range.

The Emulsion Calculator is used by home-crafters or formulators who already know the basis of emulsification or are in the process of learning it. You can learn to make homemade lotion cream by will following the key steps on creating an emulsion as well as formulas.

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  • one high-resolution PDF
  • sized to print to A4 paper


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