Essential Oils Dermal Limits Printable

ESSENTIAL OILS DERMAL LIMITS PRINTABLE: This 1-page printable chart is perfect for natural skincare formulators to refer on what is the maximum dermal limit to add into their skincare formulation.

Essential oils are amazing ingredients to use and add to formulate skincare. However, essentials oils contain potent chemical compounds in plants so when using essential oils; you need to be extra cautious. Essential oils contain chemical compounds in which people can experience a skin reaction. Skin reactions to essential oils take three forms:

1. Phototoxicity
2. Irritation
3. Sensitisation

Essential oils are generally used in low dilutions when making skincare. They never form more than 5% of the final product, but a more common dilution is somewhere between 0.1 – 4%. The printable will help you determine what the limit of essential oils for the skin when you are making your own skincare.

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