You love essential oils. You like to talk to your friends, families, neighbors, all the good things and benefits of using essential oils. You are a member of an essential oil company and work hard to get your oily business to the next level. You share ideas and recipes, trying to tell everyone you know about essential oils. Be it you want to bring your business to the next level, and it could because you want to hold a party to gather all your loved ones, or you simply love to share the benefits of essential oils. For whatever reason, a simple and excellent way to do so is by hosting a “Make and Take Party”!

It sounds fun, but when you sit down to plan out how to throw a successful party, it becomes too overwhelming. You need to decide what the theme of the party, what to buy, which recipes to use, how many people to invite, etc., and all these throw you aside, and you will never do it.

Here is where the readily available Make and Take Party Printable Packs come in handy! Instead of having to map out what needs to be done, you will only need to follow 3 simple steps!

1. Select the theme and order the printable packs

2. Order your supplies and essential oils

3. Invite people over for the party and follow through the printable pack to-do list!

And that’s it!

Each Printable Pack is loaded with everything you could possibly need to host a successful “Make & Take Party.” Each pack includes the following:

– Party Host Notes including invitation templates, timeline, and checklist
– Complete Shopping List
– Recipe Notes
– Guest Recipe Cards 
– Printable Recipe Notes (for guests to bring home)
– Notes on Each Essential Oil (for guests to bring home)
– Printable Labels (to attach to finished products that attendees will bring home)

For purchase, once you placed an order for the printable pack, you will automatically receive a download link.

You will need to save the file to your computer. You will need to print out some pages to use at your party, handout to your guests, while others you can as a reference. 

In this printable pack, you will find recipes for All-Purpose Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Air Freshener and Carpet Cleaner Spray.

In this printable pack, you will find recipes for Foaming Hand Wash, Hand Sanitizer Gel, Thieves Oil Blend, and Immunity Booster Inhaler

In this printable pack, you will find recipes for Makeup Remover, Face Serum, Hair Detangling Spray and Hair & Scalp Serum.

In this printable pack, you will find recipes for Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray, Awaken Room Spray, Breathe Rollerball, and Muscles Relaxing Massage Oil

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